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We are not always the cheapest, but we are ALWAYS the Best. This is not a part time business for us. This is our full time business. This is all we do.

Registered Agent, Incorporation and mailing services in Wyoming for companies world-wide since 1982

1005  Country Club Av. Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-221-0597
  F ax: 800-474-8547
e-mail: info@wynet.net

Form an LLC, L3C, a Trust or Corporation.
Apostilles for non-U.S. entities included
All filings are expedited by us by personal filing with the WY SOS and, with some exceptions, can be completed within 3 to 5 working days!
(This service also includes free mail forwarding for up to 20 First Class letters per year.)

This includes the following services:
1. Incorporation of entity.
2. Filing completion within three to five working days.
3. First year of registered agent service.
4. Mail forwarding service  included, (up to 20 first class letters per year).
4. Faxing or e-mail of copies of filed documents within one working day of completion.
6. Forwarding of completed documents via U.S. priority mail. (Overnight forwarding via FedEx available at an extra fee).

 "Virtual offices" available in Wyoming for $750.00 per year

This includes the following services:
Local Wyoming street address.
Mail forwarding service for up to 20 First Class letters per year. (Expanded mail forwarding on request, at a higher price depending on volume.)
Local Wyoming phone number with voice mail.
E-mail address at a Wyoming website.

The top ten reasons to incorporate, or form an LLC in Wyoming!:
1. No personal state income tax     
2. No corporation state income tax
3. No franchise taxes     4.  Nominee Directors allowed
5.  Among the least expensive corporation fees of any state in the U.S.
6.  Quick, easy and convenient (we can usually have a company organized in two or three working days at no extra charge!)
7.  Wyoming provides all members of LLCs with personal liability protection and one person LLCs are available.
Protection of the United States government world-wide at any U.S. embassy.
9.  Wyoming allows most foreign names as corporation or LLC names.
10. All documents are filed by us personally at the Secretary of State's office and we keep you informed as to the status of your filing via e-mail, so you know precisely when you are organized in the state of Wyoming.

We offer a full range of corporation services including:

Incorporation, Registered Agent Service, Nominee Director Service, Apostille services, Mailing Service, Fax Service, ITINs, EINs, etc.

Check with us on prices, since these will sometimes change, depending on the job.

Methods of payment: Company check, PayPal, ACH transfer, Swift wire transfer


Welcome to our new Companies!

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Brewer44, LLC
Mountain Top Edeavors, LLC
HaSa International Holdings, LLC
Ryze Synthetics, Port Arthur, LLC
Ryze Renewables, Port Arthur, LLC
KvB Nachfolger Inc.
E + P Investments Inc.
Ryze Capital Partners, LLC


Disclaimer: We do NOT offer legal advice. We are a paralegal company and offer our services to those who have already done their OWN legal research with the aid of lawyers and other financial consultants! If you need an attorney to advise you, we can refer you to a qualified attorney to advise you on Wyoming entities.